Taking Root

Global Game Jam 2020

A year without a team. See what I was able to produce in 48 hours while participating as a solo dev.

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Terra Tater

Global Game Jam 2019

A wacky year with a great group of people. Also known as ‘Spuds in Space’. Crashed landed space spuds in search of their family.

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About Myself

I’m a Game Developer with a focus on programming. Creating fun and interactive games is my passion.

I’ve participated in nearly all Global Game Jams since 2012 and several of the local summer jams. I find them the most fun going into them blind with no team. Meeting and working with new people is exciting whether it be with confident developers or people learning to make games for the first time.

Through my experiences I’ve discover an enjoyment from teaching other people how to create. I find it a great learning experience for myself to dive into project and create something I haven’t tried before and attempt to pass on that gain experience to other people.

I hope to fill this website with projects I’ve created and things I’ve learned and wish to share.

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I find there is a lot of things that I do not know. Attempting to learn something new is always a challenge. Check out what I’ve discovered and learned. Also join in and share your input.